The day I became a stranger

The day I became a stranger

‘Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Sue. I hate numbers. I love endlessness.
I believe in heroes and so should you.’

An energetic, poetic, sometimes funny, sometimes painfully familiar monologue with a tinge of absurdity. About being in your twenties in a world full of expectations. About dreams. About who we want to become, and how. About losing it and keeping it together. Welcome, the head is the home between dream and reality.

Written & performed by Rosa Braber (NL)

Portraet rosa (1)Rosa Braber
is an actress and performance artist from the Netherlands. In 2012 she graduated at the ‘Toneelacademie Maastricht’ (Theatre Academy Maastricht), during and after her studies she worked as an actress in different theatre groups, while she was also writing, directing and performing her own plays. With her monologues she performed at different festivals and theatres in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In 2013 she moved to Vienna, for the love and the art.

Rosa’s work could be described as modern, performative, literal theatre with an absurd twist. She wants the audience to look at our world from a distance, as if we were ants. She wants to create another world, parallel to the one we are living in. A world that looks like a fairytale, but where reality is always around the corner.