International Guests 2016

International Guests 2016

Hello and a warm welcome to all of our international guests out there!

Concerts and parties need no translation, of course. Music is a universal language as they say……but did you know that some of our plays are in English?

    • Miklos Barna from Hungary and Marija Lipkovski from Serbia founded the Threepenny Theatre Company together. This is their first year performing at MIMAMUSCH. Their play “The short history of Fire” is in English!


    • “I will dance you till the end of….” is a performance for just one guest by the SILK Fluegge Compagnie from Linz. Normally, it’s in German, but there is also an English version. Just ask the SILK dancers when you see them at the festival!



    • 2016 seems to mark the year of bros at MIMAMUSCH: Santo and Till Krappmann are also brothers. Their play “Zwiegespräche” is in German, but since there is so much performance to see (they grew up in a circus, just saying) and not so much spoken word to hear, you’ll definitely understand what’s going on between these two.

See you soon at MIMAMUSCH!

P.S. We know the linked descriptions are in German – but maybe you understand a liiitle bit of “Deutsch” or at least you can look at the fabulous photos of these beautiful and talented people, so you’ll recognize them at the festival.





Foto © Mira Loew, 2016